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Gender: Female
Age: 1 year
Colour: Tabby tortie

This divine one-eyed wonder is waiting for you! 

Niagara was found one day, on the busy streets of Phuket,limping around with a sharp object attached to her paw.  

Someone kind found her and brought her over to Soi Dog Foundation's sanctuary. Her paw was infected and needed immediate treatment. While receving treatment for her paw, it was also discovered that Niagara had almost no vision in one of her eyes.The vets at the shelter decided that it maybe best to remove this eye. Luckily Niagara recovered well from the surgery and is now looking for a home of her own.

Here's a little about Niagara:

She is not the most confident around people or other cats so in her communal enclosure she tries to keep away from the more playful ones, happy to snooze in her own corner. But start shaking that cat toy in front of her and she can’t help but join in the fun despite being cautious. However, we have high hopes it won’t be a matter of time before she will be cuddling up to people and joining in play fights with other cats.She just needs a bit of time and space. It is of course a lot  learning to live around many other cats if you 've lived on the streets.

Can you help this gorgeous girl build her confidence and bring out her true personality?

Niagara will benefit from a quiet family with other cats and "hoomans" who can take some time to help her build her confidence and learn in her own time that the world is a safe and fun filled place for all felines.

Note: Soi cats can easily fly to the USA and Canada. They also find their forever homes in the EU including UK. So please do not hesitate enquiring about how the adoption process works.