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Gender: Female
Age: 10 months
Colour: Tri colour

No tragedy can make me blue!

My name is Nilama and I came to  Soi Dog Foundation's shelter after I was hit by a car. I was on the road, bleeding from the nose and mouth when someone kind came over and decided to help me.

I was brought to the Soi Dog Foundation for treatment and with lots of love, care and patience I recovered very well. 
I am playful, lovable but also manage to show off my my feline enigma with no trouble.

Do you think you can help me find somewhere that's safe, warm and have humans to love me all day and all night.

I am only 9 months old so of course I am very playful so if you have kids or other playful cats of the same age, that would be a good fit for me.But we cats are super versatile, so I could even be your first cat and help you find out the joys of having a cat in your life. I can help you relax and take some of that stress away from you after a long tiring work day. 

I am neutered, microchipped and upto date on my vaccinations. I am also regularly treated for external and internal parasites here at Soi Dog Foundation. We Soi Cats find homes all over the world from USA,Canada to Europe including UK. So please do not hesitate to get in touch with Soi Dog Foundation even if you are not based in Thailand.