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Gender: Female
Age: 9 months
Colour: Tri colour

I am a fighter, a survivor, and a bundle of joy. Please let me be a part of your life.

I am a little fighter, who arrived at Soi Dog’s shelter in August 2017, when I was a tiny, frail kitten.

A kind local person found me near a supermarket with serious injuries to my leg and my eye. I weighed less than a kilo and would never have survived on my own.

My journey to recovery has been long and hard. The vets were unable to save my leg and sadly my eye also had to be removed. But I have made tremendous progress and have been ready for my forever home for many months now.

I am a super cuddler, who loves to snooze almost anywhere. Whether it’s by your feet, on your lap, or on your computer – I’m an expert at finding that perfect spot. Despite my terrible start in life, I am such a happy cat. And I can play fight and run around just as well as my four-legged, two-eyed buddies.

I am part of the welcoming party here in my enclosure, and the first to check out anything that may seem exciting, like a new toy or a new visitor. I don’t want to miss out on the fun or a pat or a cuddle.

My short life hasn’t been easy, but I live in hope that things are going to get better and that I will find my human soul mate very soon.

Don’t forget, I am able to travel pretty much anywhere in the world so if you are reading this, please email to find out how to adopt me. Please don't let me grow up in a shelter. Please take me home.