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Gender: Female
Age: 2 years and 10 months
Colour: Sandy

Can you help a former street dog like me?

My name is Nooma and I’m a sweet girl looking to make my way into someone’s heart. I was found on the streets of Phuket near a local market, where I used to wander to find food and shelter. However, I somehow managed to get a wound near my tail. My wound needed to be properly cleaned and stitched. If it had been left untreated I would had suffered from an infection, which could have become fatal.

People tell me I’m a stunning girl because of my pointy big ears and short ginger fur. I have an angelic smile that melts the hearts of the volunteers. I am shy but also a little curious, and while it might take me a little to warm up to new people, once I do, I’m extremely sweet natured. Since I live with many other dogs, I enjoy their company, but don’t necessarily need them to make me feel more comfortable. I am looking to find a family who will be patient with me and give me the love and care I need in order to continue growing in confidence. Once we build a connection, I promise our bond will be unbreakable. Together we can build a wonderful future filled with love and loyalty. Please give me a chance!