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Gender: Female
Age: 6 years and 10 months
Colour: Tan

Our sweetest: Nutella!

I am a lovely lady called Nutella. I had an owner once but one day he decided he no longer wanted me. He drove somewhere far away from home and threw me out of the car and didn’t look back once. I was so scared. A kind person saw me being dumped, scooped me up and brought me the Soi Dog shelter, here in Phuket, Thailand.

When I first meet people I can be a bit insecure. But once I know you I am a friendly and fun character. I am a total foodie (my physique gives it away) and I have a wee obsession with lizards (Thai squirrels). I have a pleasant temperament, like my walkies and get along with the other dogs.

The people here say that I am a very smart girl, who knows how to sit for treats (food, what can I say) and who would therefore be easily trainable. But they also say that they are afraid that I will get ‘overlooked’. As I am of average color and size and with a calm disposition. But there is more to love than looks. I do have a big heart and a lot of love to give. I just need you to give me a chance!

I am looking for a nice cat-free home where I can experience what life as a beloved pet is like. A home with a comfy dog bed and a kind person who feeds me delicious treats. Could that kind person be you?

I can easily travel to the USA, UK, Canada and Europe.  No problem! Please give me a chance to steal your heart!