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Gender: Male
Age: 3 years and 5 months
Colour: Black & Brown

My smile and sweet nature will have you hooked  

If you like big smiles and scruffy fur, I could be your perfect match! My name is Pahdam and I was recently brought to Soi Dog because I was living on the streets and somehow sustained an injury to my hind leg. I was one of the lucky ones that had a safe area to live in, with people who cared for me. However, no one knew how I injured myself and living on the streets with an open wound meant that it quickly became infected, which caused me a lot of discomfort. The people who cared for me knew I needed medical attention and were concerned that I would be injured again if I remained on the streets.  

They brought me to Soi Dog and decided it was in my best interests to leave me at the shelter to find a new home, where I would be safe and loved. Now that my wound has healed, I am in a main enclosure with many other dogs. I enjoy a playful tussle every now and again but sometimes I just like to chill out and watch the other dogs play. I have met volunteers from all over the world who love and care for me and I enjoy going for my daily walks, but it’s not the same as having the home of my own that I long for.  

I am still a young lad with so much life to live! Please enquire about me so we can begin our lives together.