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Gender: Male
Age: 1 year and 4 months
Colour: White & Black

Champion sprinter and gadget whiz looking for a warm bed and forever love.

Meow there! Patango ‘s the name and I am known for my fun loving personality around the Soi Dog Shelter.

I am famous for being the first to play whenever there is any exciting game about. I have mastered all of these new (and supposedly complicated) toys the humans bring over to us every now and then. It keeps me active, body and mind. I am also one of the first cats to pop up when people visit my enclosure.

I love following you humans, hoping you will join in on my games and maybe play catch me if you can. Or perhaps you will take the time to give me a hug and plant a kiss on my forehead.

I’ve never lived in a house as a cat should. I’ve never felt what it’s like to be the center of someone’s world. Nor what it feels like to be a part of a family, and never worry about being alone again. There are so many of us kitties here at the shelter and this surely won’t be our destiny to live out the rest of our lives here, will it?

I’d love to climb trees (real ones, or one of those big indoor cat trees, it doesn’t matter). I’d love to chase toys under the fridge and the sofa and wait for you to discover them in a few months’ time. I’d love to cuddle up next to you as you wind down after a long day. I’d love to be your best friend, and to be with you during your good and sad times, as I know you would be for me.

Please think about giving a lovely kitty like me a second chance in life. In return I will offer you hours of fun and a lifetime of feline love.