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Gender: Male
Age: 1 year and 7 months
Colour: White & Black

My personality: Sweet natured, gentle, outgoing and with a touch of slight cattitude

My talents: A look that will melt you heart and very likely trainable with treats and toys

My history: Me and my siblings were found at only 4 weeks old on a roof top. Our mama was not to be found anywhere. We were hungry and cold

Health: May need some fibre rich food.

What I need: I can be indoors or outdoors. Can be with other cats. More playful kitties the better. What I really need is a safe and lovely home that is cat friendly.

Why you should adopt me: I’m young kitty, who’s never known what it’s like to be a pet. I always had to share my toys, beds and human affection with about 20-30 other cats. I’m desperate for some loving.

I can fly to the UK as well as the rest of the EU, USA and Canada. I can also be adopted to other countries dependent on each country's rules and regulations to import a pet from Thailand. For more information please email today!