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Gender: Male
Age: 2 years and 6 months
Colour: Ginger and White

The charming and hypnotizing gentleman 

Presley in another life could have been a hypnotic music performer, a model or even a magician. We really can’t be sure but what we do know is that he definitely has charisma. With one look he will hypnotize you with those magical eyes. 

Presley in this life however, used to be a street cat who minded his own business, scavanging for food on the streets of Phuket, Thailand. Until one day when he was hit by a speeding motorbike that left him severely bruised and lame, unable to move. Luckily a passerby caught sight of this poor boy and alerted the Soi Dog Foundation’s emergency response team. If help didn’t come to him when it did, Presley could have died due to complications to his injuries or even starvation as he wasn't able to look for food in his condition. 

Once in the hospital, Xrays revealed that he didn’t sustain any permanent damage from the accident but of course the whole experience was traumatic that it left him “depressed” and lethargic for a while. 

It took sometime but Presley has now recovered well and is currently residing at Soi Dog Foundation’s cat residence, away from danger and speeding vehicles. But it would be a shame if his journey ended here in the shelter. 

Many other Soi cats have found their homes in countries outside of Thailand such as USA, Canada, EU including UK. They can also be adopted to many other countries around the world. Please click on “ADOPTION ENQUIRY” button below to find out more details. Presley too is waiting for his lucky day. He will make an adorable & affectionate addition to anyone’s family and he is waiting for you! Can you help this gorgeous ginger find his own patch to live out the rest of his life?