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Gender: Female
Age: 1 year and 10 months
Colour: White & Brown
Colour: Brown and White
Weight: 14 kg

One-eyed wonder with a sensitive soul

My personality: Shy, skittish, sensitive.

My story: I was born in the grounds of a temple and was lucky to have some monks caring for me. Soi Dog’s community outreach team came to visit the temple on a routine check when I was just a few months old and noticed I had a blind, bulging eye. They brought me back to the shelter, and my injured eye was removed. Only having one eye doesn't bother me at all, and I've been told that it makes me look like I'm always giving people a cheeky wink!

My needs: Growing up at a temple, mostly in the company of other dogs, has made me quite wary of people. While being around my own kind gives me confidence and comfort, being around humans makes me scared and nervous. I only allow a few people who I've learnt to trust here at the shelter walk me or give me fuss and pats. They believe that, with the right family, I have a lot of potential and love to offer. I just need that special someone who has the time and patience to get to know the real me. Is that special someone you?