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Gender: Female
Age: 3 years and 7 months
Colour: White & Tabby

A combination of feistiness, enigma and vulnerability all in one!


Pupree was attacked by a dog when she was caring for her very young babies on the streets of Phuket. She was rushed to Soi Dog Foundation’s hospital to treat for her injured leg. Sadly the injury was severe that her leg needed to be amputated.

Meanwhile what's worse is that either of her babies made it while Pupree was struggling to survive her injury. It is indeed such a sad story but the silver lining is that Pupree made it and is making up for lost time with her hunger for life.

In fact she is a very playful and feisty young lady. Even though she is now on three legs it doesn’t stop her from having the “feline crazies” once in a while.

However, Pupree is finding that the Soi Dog Foundation, cat enclousure is just a tad limiting and is hoping to get out of here soon. Pupree is hoping to snuggle next to someone cozy in a home that is safe for a 3 legged cat and a family who knows how to be “wowed” by the enigma that is the feline spirit. And Pupree sure has plenty of that!

Note: Soi cats find homes in Canada, USA, EU including UK. They are sterilized, fully vaccinated, microchipped and treated for external and internal parasites.