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Gender: Male
Age: 1 year and 1 month
Colour: Tabby and white (cats only)

A natural gymnast, comedian and living in the moment kind of cat

Rabania is my name and I am known for my super agile moves here at Soi Dog Foundation. However, there is a sweet and calm side to me as well. I am the kind of cat that takes life by the horns and enjoy the moment whatever is presented to me.

I was found all by myself after my mother was chased by a dog and my sibling killed by the dog. I guess this makes me lucky and I am determined to make the most of life. So you can see me chilling, playing with toys, other cats and snoozing like today is my last day.

But, I know YOU are out there. I may seem ordinary but I know there is a human who will see me and instantly have that connection with me (and just for the record there are no ordinary cats either). It won’t be long before you’d want to take me home and share my persevering yet nonchalant and determined yet comical side with everyone you know. I am the kind of cat that can make all your blues go away and is sure to be an outstanding friend. Like no other you’ve ever had.

So hit that Enquiry button today or email right now to find out how we can get together. We need eachother.

Note: Soi cats find homes in Canada, USA, EU including UK. They are sterilized, fully vaccinated, microchipped and treated for external and internal parasites.