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Gender: Female
Age: 2 years and 4 months
Colour: Calico

  WANTED: Loving home where I can spend the rest of my days in safety.

Hiya! I’m Rafina, and I would love to find a special home where I am appreciated for who I am. Spirited, feisty, clever, and mischievous are just a few words that describe me. I am almost one year old, and it looks like I will celebrate my first birthday in a shelter.  

What am I looking for in a home? Well, I really like to play. I’m just so excited to be alive that I share that excitement in the form of playtime! 

I am an FIV + cat. What does this mean? Please click here to find out more:

Most important thing to remember is that FIV+ only means that I will need an extra bit of help and care but I can live just as long as any other cat with some regular visits to the vet.

I’ve been on my own since I was only 5 weeks old. I was skinny, sick, and scared when they found me. It took months of treatment before I regained my strength. But because I’m spirited and feisty, I kept fighting. Now I’m a healthy girl and ready for a safe and loving home.

Could we be a good match? Please open your heart and home to me! Won’t it be fun to celebrate my birthdays together? I’ve heard of this delicacy called “tuna” that lucky cats get on special occasions. Oh how I hope to taste it one day!

I can travel to the USA, CANADA and EUROPE! Please take me home