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Gender: Female
Age: 11 years and 1 month
Colour: White & Black

Will a girl like me, ever find a home?

I am an older girl who the vets here estimate to be about 10 years old. I am blind and sometimes find it difficult to navigate through the many obstacles and noises I come across at the shelter.

These sudden noises and changes can sometimes be a bit overwhelming. As an older girl I’m really hoping that I will find a home with a family that has a quiet household — even better if they have experience with older dogs like me.

Whilst loud noises and movements can be a bit scary, I am not generally shy of people at all. If someone comes to my run, I try to greet them personally. I like to follow the sounds of volunteers with the hopes of getting a cuddle and a kiss.

I am always eager to go for walks but when I am out, yes, that’s when I get a tad nervous. This is only because I am not familiar with the way. Once I have found my way and sniffed out my own route I am confident I will be able to bravely take walks on streets and even visit your local park.So for a start I would really benefit with having a small back yard in a quiet neighbourhood to help me build my confidence slowly into trying braver moves. There is plenty of potential in me waiting to come out but I will never flourish being inside a shelter with so many other dogs around. I hope you can help a gentle girl like me find peace and happiness with a lovely family like yours.

Please email to find out more about me and please note whilst I maybe old, I can fly to the UK,USA and Canada.