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Gender: Female
Age: 2 years and 5 months
Colour: Ginger and White

Will you be the one to change Rudd’s world? 

Rudd was brought into Soi Dog Foundation's cat hospital, when someone saw that she had an infected wound under her tail. The wound was also covered in maggots and was too deep that her tail need to be amputated.This was the only way to save Rudd’s life as well as ensuring she has a good quality of life. 

Poor Rudd as you can imagine was not just in a lot of pain but also scared of everything around her unable to understand why she needed all these injections etc., and be confined in an area she wasn’t familiar with. 

It took a while for Rudd to recover but after lots of tender loving and veterinary care, Rudd is now well enough to find a home of her own. She will however, need an extra bit of help ensuring the area of under her tail is kept clean as much as possible. She uses the litter tray well and is able to groom herself and keep to feline standards with no problem.

Rudd was at first slightly shy of people but with socialization from volunteers, Rudd has slowly started to come out of her cat shell. Once cautious and uncertain about being touched by people, Rudd now comes over to visitors on her own accord anticipating pets and chin rubs. She clearly enjoys being touched and now even plays happily too.  If you are someone who wants to offer a home to a cat that needs a little bit more attention and taking the time to gain her trust fully and watch her transform magically, please do think of our darling Rudd and enquire about how you can help her.

Note: Soi cats can easily fly to the USA and Canada. They also find their forever homes in the EU including UK. So please do not hesitate enquiring about how the adoption process works.