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Gender: Male
Age: 4 years
Colour: White

Expert in being cool, calm and charismatic”

My name is Ruendee and I am a beautiful, calm boy, who the humans here say desperately deserves a home. 

I am FIV positive but this is not a problem. Cats like me can live just as long as other cats. We just need to be indoor cats and have regular visits to the vet for general health checks.

Here at the shelter I tend to spend my time stretched out, snoozing in a corner or watching the dogs walk past. They don't bother me. When it’s meal time, I wait patiently for my food as I am such a well-behaved boy.

I am a fluffy, all-white handsome boy rescued from the streets where I was living without a home or human to love me. I am a peaceful boy who dreams of being perched up high on a cat tree in your home, overlooking the world outside, or waiting eagerly for you to come home so we can cuddle.

Please read more about FIV cats here:

I am a very relaxed cat, so even if there is chaos around me, these things do not bother me as I am the master of chilling out. If you have kids, dogs or even other friendly, peaceful and spayed/neutered cats I’d fit in well with them all. The humans at Soi Dog Foundation will be more than happy to help you discover if I’m the right cat for you. 

Please give this FIV boy the chance no one else will. Only you can help me change my life. Will you please take me home?