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Gender: Male
Age: 4 years and 11 months
Colour: Tan

I have the ability to brighten your day, will you let me? 

My name is Sanrio and I am a sweet, inspirational dog. When I first was admitted to the shelter I was in a shocking state, having been hit by a car and left with my eye hanging out of its sockets. The vets at the Soi Dog shelter did all they could but my injuries were so severe that they had no choice but to remove both my eyes. Thankfully, this surgery saved my life and relieved me of pain. 

Since my surgery, I have adapted well to becoming blind and the volunteers here consider me to very resilient and brave. I love nothing more than greeting visitors when they pass by my enclosure and I am longing for someone to play with me. Experience of looking after blind dogs is not required, all I’m asking for is a loving family. If you can see past my disability and offer me a home, I’ll repay you in unconditional love... after all, blind dogs see with their hearts.