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Gender: Female
Age: 8 months
Colour: Tri-colour

Scruffy faced cutie looking to fill someone’s life with love.

Hello there! My name is Saunders and like my headline says, I am filled with puppy love.  I am a super cute bearded girl with legs like stilts and tri-colored fur.  I found myself at Soi Dog’s shelter after I was hit by a car at just three months old.  The streets are nowhere for an injured puppy so when someone saw I needed help, they called Soi Dog Foundation. 

I was in the hospital for almost two and a half months before I was better and I now live safe within the shelter walls.  I’ve made some friends here but it’s awfully crowded.  I have to share my toys and space with lots of other pups so sometimes it’s hard to chill out by myself.  Maybe you have a home where I can play with my own squeaky toys, have my own bed and the attention of a loving family.  I’m still young so if you have another dog maybe they could be my mentor and show me the ways of the world. 

Someone kind wanted to help find me a home and has donated money towards my travel costs.  Isn't that nice of them?   

Traveling sounds exciting so if you live in the US, UK, Europe or Canada I can make the trip home to you.  To find out more about the adoption process fill out an adoption enquiry today.  The adoptions team will take care of everything for you.