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Gender: Male
Age: 10 years and 11 months
Colour: Tan

The gentle pony who will add giggles and endless of love to your life

Hello there, my name is Scoopy and I am about 10 years old.  I am sizeable gentleman who spent almost all my life on the streets of Phuket, Thailand.

I used to live in the grounds of a university, where the kind students took care of me.  However, over the years I developed problems with my skin and feet, and I was eventually admitted to the shelter as a permanent resident. 

At first glance I may seem a little imposing.  I maybe tall with a big face and paws but, everything else about me screams BIG SOFTIE!

One of the volunteers described me as a “dream dog”- and I think that sums me up very well. 

And I am hoping finally retire to my dream home with a kind and loving owner. 

I love walks and behave very well on a lead, although my walking style is not that elegant!  I enjoy the company of other dogs, so if you have older, calm dogs with a similar energy level to mine I would love to meet them. 

I love face rubs, belly rubs, paw rubs:  just about any human affection will put me in a happy trance.   I sure hope that I will find a family that can offer me all this and more during my twilight years.  

My new owner will need to watch my weight and I will also need joint /skin support for as long as necessary, maybe even for life. However, I also hear that places like Canada, USA, UK and Europe has cooler climates that will benefit my skin. 

Getting me to these places is really easy, and Soi Dog makes all the arrangements for you. 

I am waiting for YOU, my forever family, so please get in touch with the adoptions team at Soi Dog today and make this old boy’s dreams come true.