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Gender: Male
Age: 3 years and 3 months
Colour: Black and Tabby

Cheekily adorable, Shaun the true trooper

Someone kind has made a donation towards my travel costs


Meow ladies and gentlemen, my name is Shaun  and I am a beautiful and uniquely coloured kitty with striking eyes and naturally photogenic features.I come across as a happy and social kitty but my history is one of immense suffering and pain.

I lived by a hotel in Phuket, Thailand and one day a car ran over me. The accident broke the bone of my back leg. The bone was sticking out even 2 days later, when I was found and rushed to Soi Dog Foundation’s cat hospital. It was decided by the vets there, that to save my life, my injured leg need to be amputated.

It took a while for me to get better after the operation and the staff at the shelter even had to hand feed me at one point to keep me going. But a few months later I managed to stand up on my 3 legs and charm everybody as if nothing happened. Yes as you know we are cats are super resilient.

Although living in a shelter means I am now safe and sound away from all the risks on the road it means I do not have other things I pine for such as a sofa to jump up on (yes I can jump up and down from heights when I feel like it), find exciting new things to explore, a human bed to take over at night and of course most importantly love and affection from a human family.

I do want to mention that I like to join in with some of my other friends in the shelter and play “pawball” (football/soccer as you humans call it) whenever I get the chance. So I can fit in well with your feline family if you have one, if not I’d be more than happy to be your only kitty. I am quite cool about things like that so please do pick me to be your feline friend.

I had to give up a few of my cat lives to stay alive but now I am carefully saving the rest so that I can spend them all with you so please email for more info about me or fill out an enquiry today.

Note: Us kitties at the Soi Dog Foundation find homes all over the world so don’t hesitate to make contact just because you live far from Thailand.