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Gender: Male
Age: 5 years and 11 months
Colour: Brown
Colour: Brown
Weight: 25 kg

Can you offer me a home? It’s been such a long time coming

My personality: Apprehensive and nervous but “a lovely boy” (that’s a staff quote!)

My story: One thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine days sounds like a very long time, doesn't it? As of June 2022, that's how many days I've been at the shelter, and I’m still counting. My siblings and I were brought here in 2016 after we were found alone and scavenging for food on the streets. I was a tiny, scrawny pup back then, just a few weeks old, but today I'm a handsome, healthy and fully grown boy in search of a place to finally call home. 

My needs: When you've grown up in a shelter like I have, it's quite understandable that adapting to living in a house for the first time will most likely take a bit of time. As I'm a rather sensitive boy who will only let people I know near me, I'm looking for a family who can offer me a calm and peaceful place where I can settle in slowly. If you have experience in helping dogs like me come out of their shell, please don't hesitate to enquire so that you and I can work together to make me the very best version of me – Siamsport 2.0! I know I can really blossom if I’m just given the chance.