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Gender: Male
Age: 1 year and 4 months
Colour: White & Grey

Four legs? Three legs? Who is really counting? I just want to have the best times with you!

Meow people—my name is Silverton and I am a three-legged kitty whose motto in life is to have a jolly good time, all the time.

I can do all the same things as my four-legged counterparts: snooze, play, jump and look adorable any given time of the day.

So what makes me stand out from the rest? I might only have three legs, but my personality and my ability to adapt all new things and new situations will hopefully catch someone’s eye.

I am also full of mischief and I am a fun loving little ball of trouble. Some people think I might be part kangaroo, because I am super-fast and agile.

I have never had a family of my own. I sure hope it won’t be long before that special someone decides to offer me the life of love and happiness that I deserve.

It is sad to think all I will have is a life inside a shelter, so will you make a difference and change the course of my destiny? Please email to find out more about how to adopt me wherever you maybe in the world.