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Gender: Female
Age: 1 year and 10 months
Colour: Black White on Chest

Promise to be your lovable kissyfur for life.

Whilst I go by the name of Siranee, I think the name “kissyfur” would be ideal because I love to give kisses to all my lovely human friends.

I have a fun and energetic side to me and I will always stand out in my enclosure as one of the first dogs to come and say hello to everyone.

However, the world outside is something that scares me immensely. With trusted company I have now started to take small steps outside and bravely go where I’ve never been before.

So I really need a human friend who will understand what it means to be an owner of a dog who has limited experience in life. I had friends who were just like me. They too found the world outside a bit scary but they went to their new homes and now have started a new chapter in their lives so I’m certain my turn is not too far either.

If you’re one who believes in time, love and patience then please will you consider me to be part of your world?

I promise I will be the most loyal friend you’ve ever had. Please email to find out more.