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Gender: Female
Age: 1 year and 11 months
Colour: Tan & black
Colour: Tan
Weight: 15 kg

Ready to shine as bright as my name

My personality: Cautious, sensitive, sweet.

My story: A couple on holiday in Thailand found my siblings and I struggling on the streets. We were two months old at the time, alone, with maggot wounds covering our young malnourished bodies. The couple were kind enough to take us to a local vet and pay for our treatment, and we recovered well. Fearing that we’d be returned to the streets afterwards just to become sick and injured again, the couple contacted Soi Dog and asked if they had room for three little pups. They said yes, and the rest is history!

My needs: As a naturally sensitive girl, I’m easily affected by my surroundings, so I’m looking for an experienced family who live in a quiet neighbourhood. If there are other dogs in the home, great! I find that being around more confident dogs gives me courage. My siblings found their own homes long ago, but I’m still here. Hm. It can’t be my looks that’s putting people off because everyone says I’m a strikingly beautiful girl, so it must be my cautious personality. I don’t feel I’m asking for much though – just some patience and understanding as I settle into my new life. With a little love, I know I can shine as bright as my name.