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Gender: Male
Age: 7 years and 7 months
Colour: Tan and White

This gentle giant is waiting for his happy ending.

Looking for a companion to add to your relaxing and quiet lifestyle?  Great!  Me too.  My name is Talcum.  I’m known for being a little reserved when I first meet people but, once I get to know them, I can be affectionate and will approach them for a cuddle. When the volunteers take me for walks I am enthusiastic to leave the run but, once we reach the outside, I often have moments of doubt as new sights, sounds and experiences can be a little overwhelming at times. I'm seaching for a family who can let me live life at my own pace.

I was living on the streets of Phuket, Thailand, minding my own business, when a local woman who was feeding me realized that I was in danger. There were threats against my life, as some people did not like me living in the area. I couldn’t understand it as I am a peace loving boy who doesn’t cause a fuss. Luckily, she called Soi Dog Foundation for help and they came to pick me up. Soi Dog's shelter gave me a safe haven thanks to donations from people like you. I have a warm, dry space to sleep and food to eat. However, I don’t want to live here forever, please give me a chance.

I have heard great things about Canada, the UK, USA and the EU. I am ready to travel across the world to join you! Please adopt me!