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Gender: Female
Age: 1 year and 8 months
Colour: White

Cattitude mixed with plenty of affection.

Tooky and her siblings came to the shelter when they were only a few weeks old in March 2017.They have never lived in a home and the shelter is the only life they know. 

Tooky now has grown into a beautiful young girl now and is hoping that very soon her life will change and like her siblings she too would find a home of her own.

She is a feisty young lady who isn't afraid to stand up for herself nor let everyone know when she needs some loving. Tooky certainly does not hesitate to come over and claim laps and make herself comfortable. It is a shame that she's been at a shelter this long when she's got so much to offer someone like You.

If you'd like a cat who has got a personality yet a lot of affection to give, Tooky should be your choice.

Tooky also has no problem sharing a home with other felines too. So please click the Adoption Enquiry button below to find out more about her and if she's the right cat for you.