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Gender: Male
Age: 1 year and 3 months
Colour: Brown and White

Have One Cat is Wonderful ! But having Two Cats is Comedy Gold!

Hi! I’m Tooktik and I am here today with my sister Tookky! Don’t you think we have funny names!? That’s because there is a rule here at the Soi Dog shelter. A rule that says no two animals can have the same name. And I tell you what, there are so many animals here at the moment, they’re gonna run out of names soon! But let’s look on the bright side, I think we have gotten off lightly! I just heard that there was a dog that arrived here yesterday. They called him Garfield!! I mean who calls a dog Garfield!?! HE WASN’T EVEN GINGER!

Anyway, enough of that! I am here to tell you why YOU should adopt US...

The volunteers here describe us as the comedians of the group! We are the cats who make people laugh, doing silly things and playing all the fun games. This is why we would love to find a home together… having one of us would be wonderful, but two…. that’s just comedy! 

We were only 7 days old when we arrived here at the shelter. Born on the streets of Phuket, Thailand, into a world without hope. Hungry, dirty and terrified. The staff here gave us a place of safety but only YOU can give us a home! Please adopt us!

We are 6 months old now and we spend most of our time practising how to be PAWESOME! We have mastered the purr, the cat pounce, the run and jump, the paw pad, the cat flap, the litter tray as well as the head tilt and rub! We know how to meow, have learnt 50 different sleeping positions which will make your Instagram explode aaaaaand…. we know how to blink (which means “I love you” in cat us, we googled it!)

So, if your life has become kinda dull and you need something to spice it up, why not adopt a pair of cute and lovable kittens? We could balance YOUR home perfectly - one girl, one boy! One white and ginger, one ginger and white! One pretty, one handsome! Puuuuurrfect!

We will travel across the world to live with you, but only if you PROMISE to change our names!

Kittens sold? Please contact us