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Gender: Female
Age: 5 years and 7 months
Colour: Black and White

Bashful Beauty 

Hello lovely human, my name Trenall. I came to the Soi Dog shelter in 2016 after living on the streets most of my life. Until recently I’ve been quite shy; I was not too sure about meeing new people or exploring new places. However, I have overcome many of my fears and am now looking for that special somebody. 

Nowadays, I love my human friends. When people I know and trust come to see me, you can see my excitmenet from head to paws. My whole face lights up and my body shakes with pure happiness. I cannot help but lick you all over and give you a gentle paw to remind you I want more cuddles.

While I have made great progress, I am still working on becoming more courageous. I am looking for someone who is gentle and patient with me while I build my confidence. I am longing for a home to keep me safe and a family to make me feel loved. At first, I may be nervous and unsure, but with time I know I will be able to take part in fun activities like walking through a near by part or snuggling on to Sofa with my human. I live with quite a few other dogs in my run. We get on well and they help me feel more confident. 

I’ve been waiting for so long for someone special to change my entire world and give me the chance to shine. Could you be the one?