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Gender: Female
Age: 1 year and 9 months
Colour: Black and White
Colour: Black and White
Weight: 15 kg

Unique inside and out

My personality: Tentative and cautious yet smart and curious.

My story: After our mother was hit by a speeding car, my siblings and I, who were only a few weeks old at the time, were left alone with no one to look after us. A kind lady who witnessed the accident brought us to the Soi Dog shelter, and we're so grateful that she did as it meant we got the safety and care we needed. For me, that included treatment for anaemia, dermatitis and a hernia. My siblings have all been adopted now, and I'm dreaming of a home I can call my own too.

My needs: Initially, I may be quite tentative and cautious in new situations; however, people who know the real me will attest that once I've gotten more comfortable, my funny and curious side starts to shine through. Due to a sensitive tummy, I take a special diet which I will need to continue with in my new home. But other than that, I don’t ask for much – a family to cuddle and perhaps a doggie sibling to play with and I'll be very happy. With my unique fur and colouring, I definitely stick out among the other dogs at the shelter, and I'm hoping someone will see what a special girl I am, both inside and out.