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Gender: Female
Age: 4 years and 10 months
Colour: Brown and White
Colour: Brown and White
Weight: 13 kg

Utian could be the one for you

My personality: Nervous and shy but improving.

My story: Life was tough for me on the streets. I was unwelcome in the area I was living, and I had at least one litter of puppies there which made matters even worse. Then, one day, I was hit by a car! It was at this point that someone reported me to Soi Dog and they sent their rescue officers to collect me. I was bleeding internally and had multiple fractures to my pelvis and legs. I am alive today thanks to the emergency surgery I received, and I'm able to get around just fine thanks to the physiotherapy I underwent afterwards. After such an ordeal, don't you think I deserve a loving home?

My needs: The humans here at Soi Dog think that I have some Thai Bangkeaw in my lineage. This breed is known to be brave and feisty, whereas I'm at the other end of the spectrum and am nervous and shy! However, with the support of the behaviour team, I've definitely shown improvement and am gradually coming out of my shell. I enjoy going for walks – trotting as fast as my little legs will carry me – and know I can adjust to life as a precious pet with your help.