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Gender: Male
Age: 3 years and 11 months
Colour: Black and White
Colour: Black and White
Weight: 19 kg

Walker has come such a long way

Hello! I’m Walker, a brave and independent boy looking for a home.

Soi Dog’s rescue officers found me caged, chained and abandoned outside a squalid, empty house in August 2023. The chain had dug deep into my neck and caused a horrific wound.

With careful treatment at the shelter hospital, the wound eventually healed, and soft white fur has grown in where it used to be. As well as care from the veterinary team, I also needed support from the behaviour team to help me overcome my fear of people. It’s taken time for me to recover, but every step was worth it to get to where I am today: ready for a home!  

Living up to my name, I’m a good walker and enjoy my strolls around the shelter. I’m brave enough to walk with volunteers, even when I’ve just met them for the first time. However, when it comes to playing, this is something I reserve for people I know well. Otherwise, I’m happy to explore the off-lead areas on my own. I’m quite independent like that.

Please consider me, Walker. My bushy tail is wagging at the thought of finding my forever family!