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Gender: Female
Age: 3 years and 2 months
Colour: Black
Colour: Brown and White
Weight: 19 kg

Yamel yearns for a home

My personality: Gentle, cautious, shy at first but friendly in time. 

My story: There are some places in Thailand where dogs are not welcome. Sadly, I know this firsthand as my mum was poisoned when I was just a puppy, leaving me and my six siblings alone and vulnerable on an island with no means of escape. Luckily, a kind lady called Soi Dog, and a rescue team came to collect us. I'm so glad I was brought to safety and given the chance to grow into the gorgeous girl I am today.  

My needs: My rough start in life has left its mark; I'm shy and cautious in unfamiliar situations and take a while to warm up to new people. However, if you're willing to give me the dedication, time and space I need to adjust after I arrive, I'm sure my confidence will grow as I settle into life as a precious pet. In the familiarity of my enclosure, I'm friendly and playful, and I hope to bring that into a home too.