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Dogs rescued from the dog meat trade

The dog meat trade is one of the most serious animal welfare issues in Asia. Soi Dog Foundation is working in several countries to end this inhumane and barbaric practice.

The availability of dog meat is widespread in Asia, where the welfare concern is enormous due to the large numbers of dogs being stolen from owners, taken from the streets or sourced from farms, transported long distances and inhumanely slaughtered.

The conditions under which dogs are farmed, transported, and slaughtered are inhumane and barbaric. The dogs are not humanely killed, many are tortured for hours before being skinned alive. The reason for this is that people believe that the pain inflicted leads to the tenderising of the meat. Most shocking of all, is that some dogs are still alive when their fur is removed.

Rescued dog from the dog meat trade being thankful for his rescue

Soi Dog has been successful in effectively ending Thailand’s dog meat trade and is actively expanding its efforts to neighbouring countries where little is being done to address the issue. In Thailand, our undercover investigators continue to monitor for signs of the trade re-emerging. Soi Dog cares for hundreds of dogs rescued from the dog meat industry with the ultimate goal of finding them loving homes.

In Vietnam, where approximately 5 million dogs are slaughtered each year for human consumption, Soi Dog is working with the national government and Vietnam Television, the national television broadcaster, to raise public awareness of the severe cruelty of the dog meat industry and the human health risks it poses. In addition, and in partnership with the Vietnamese government and Vietnamese law enforcement agencies, Soi Dog is working to increase enforcement of laws which prohibit the industry.

In South Korea, Soi Dog is working with senior government officials to enact stronger animal welfare laws with the ultimate aim of banning the dog meat industry. This has already led to a ban on the slaughter of dogs at Moran Market – the biggest dog meat market in the capital, Seoul. Soi Dog is challenging people's understanding of the industry and making them aware of the cruelty involved. As more people in South Korea become pet owners, public opinion is already turning. 

In China, Soi Dog has provided substantial financial assistance to activists working on the ground to rescue, medically treat, and care for hundreds of dogs saved from the country's dog meat trade and the notorious Yulin dog meat festival.

Korean dog Milky showing dogs are dogs not food

A dog is a dog is the key message Soi Dog is promoting in South Korea - a challenge to the myth that 'meat dogs' are different to pet dogs. Some people believe that ‘meat dogs’ don’t have a soul, or the same feelings as pet dogs. They’re the same people who drive demand for dog meat.

By turning public opinion against dog meat consumption and the farming of dogs, and by keeping up pressure on law-makers to make the industry illegal, we hope to see the dog meat trade in South Korea shut down for good.