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If you share our vision of ending animal cruelty, leaving a gift to Soi Dog Foundation in your will means you can have a lasting impact in achieving this.

Puppy glad you are considering a bequest

Click here to view our brochure and find out how you can do something amazing by remembering dogs and cats in your will

If you would like to receive information about leaving a gift to Soi Dog in your will or to let us know that you have left a gift to Soi Dog in your will please click here.

Support from people like you has helped thousands of dogs and cats escape a life of cruelty and neglect, and enabled them to live happy and fulfilling lives. By leaving a gift to Soi Dog in your will, your legacy will ensure countless dogs like Hero can be helped. Hero had his legs brutally slashed with a machete and had to undergo months of intensive medical treatment as a result. Thanks to people like you, Hero made an extraordinary recovery and was adopted to a loving family

Hero on entry with wounds all over his bodyHero happy after recovering from his injuries

Remembering Soi Dog Foundation in your will also means that hundreds of cats like Rose can be rescued, cared for, and re-homed each year. Rose was found with shocking skin problems and is only alive today thanks to the support of caring people like you. She is now a transformed girl and has been adopted to a caring home.  

Rose on entryRose after treatment

How to leave a gift to Soi Dog in your will 

Making a will or updating your existing will is a lot easier than you think! Many animal lovers choose to remember Soi Dog in their will as it ensures that their support will be long lasting and help suffering animals for years to come. 

For further information on how to include Soi Dog in your will, please use the form below or contact Josie at

Frequently Asked Questions

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