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Cat sterilisation is CLOSED!

For dog sterilisations please fill in the form below:

Please note that submitting a sterilisation request does not guarantee that an animal will be sterilised. Soi Dog makes every effort to sterilise as many animals as possible. However, due to extremely high demand for our sterilisation services, we manage requests on a priority basis focusing on free-roaming animals, especially female animals in heat and pregnant.

Soi Dog Foundation categorizes free-roaming dogs and cats as follows:

  • an owned dog or cat - has an owner, who takes full responsibility for the animal (SDF help to sterilise pets that belong to people who cannot otherwise afford sterilisation of their pets)
  • a community dog or cat - has at least one feeder (often more)
  • a stray or feral dog or cat - does not rely on humans for food/ survival (these animals do not let people approach)


For any urgent matters, please call our shelter at 076-681-029


Owned Dogs to Sterilise
Community Dogs to Sterilise
Stray or Feral Dogs to Sterilise
  • The reporter must clearly state the location and number of animals.
  • The reporter has the baskets, cages, or leashes (in the case of dogs) ready before sterilisation schedule.
  • In the event that the staff is unable to contact the person requesting sterilisation within the specified date and time, Soi Dog Foundation will automatically cancel those requests; and prioritise those that can be contacted.
  • Soi Dog Foundation reserves the right to change the schedule for sterilisation without any prior notice.