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Gender: Male
Age: 3 years and 3 months
Colour: Cream

I have been at the Soi Dog shelter since arriving here as a tiny puppy. Someone had heard puppies crying late at night and found me huddled in the street with my mother and siblings. Knowing the area wasn't safe for dogs, they took us to the Soi Dog shelter.

Sadly, my bad start in life has scarred me. I bark a lot at people who come too close; it's my defence mechanism in case they try to hurt me. I do not yet understand that people who enter my enclosure just want to be friends. I will allow some volunteers to walk me though and I smile a lot more when I'm out enjoying the sights and smells.

I feel safe here at Soi Dog and my trust issues mean I am not yet ready to leave here for a home of my own. While the volunteers continue to work on my confidence, will you do something very special? Will you please sponsor me?