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Gender: Female
Age: 4 years and 6 months
Colour: White & Black

When Soi Dog found me, I was covered in pus-filled sores and lesions and my fur was falling out in clumps. I was infested with fleas and ticks and severely emaciated. The people living near my territory wouldn't feed me because they didn't want me hanging around. I was absolutely terrified and sadly, I am still very scared.

I was struggling with a terrible case of mange back then but, thanks to people like you, I got all the medical treatment I needed and I am doing so much now - at least physically. My horrible life on the streets has marked me though and I remain very wary of humans. 

The people here are working hard to re-build my shattered trust but I am not yet ready for a home of my own. Until that day comes, will you please help fund my shelter and care? Will you please sponsor me?