Roscoe was in desperate need of help
Roscoe was in desperate need of help

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Your gift will not only help neglected and abused dogs and cats of Asia,
but it will also help all the animals who depend on Soi Dog for their survival.

Please help give desperate dogs like Roscoe a second chance

These are worrying times for both humans and animals. Right now, Soi Dog is facing the very real threat of having to close our shelter doors to sick and injured street animals in urgent need of help.

This is unthinkable. 

Due to the ongoing global crisis, very few adopted animals are able to travel overseas to their forever homes. With more animals forced to stay at our shelter, we urgently need your help until we get through this crisis.

We cannot allow desperate animals like Roscoe to die on the streets.

Please will you make an urgent donation to save vulnerable street animals like Roscoe? They simply have nowhere else to go.

Roscoe was in desperate need of help

We don’t know how long this crisis will last, but we know urgent action is needed now. Please, we need your help at this critical time.

To cope with the rising number of animals at our shelter we must increase our food and medical supplies, and create more space for animals in dire need. 

Without these, we must close our doors because we simply won't have room for new animals.

Please help us keep our doors open. Any donation during these uncertain times makes a difference. If you can, please help homeless animals like Roscoe today.