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Your gift will not only help neglected and abused dogs and cats of Asia, but it will also help all the animals who depend on Soi Dog for their survival.

Our happy girl Amira after her wound reconstruction surgery 

As the global health crisis persists, the situation for stray dogs and cats has not improved at all. These continue to be very worrying times for humans and animals alike.

In addition to the increase in homeless animals arriving at Soi Dog in urgent need of help, we have been inundated with abandoned pets throughout this pandemic.

It would be unthinkable to leave injured, sick and abused animals out on the streets. But with so many animals in need at this time, we urgently need your help.

Please will you make a donation to save vulnerable street animals like Amira? Without your kindness, she would have died, alone, in excruciating pain on the street.

Some animals arrive at Soi Dog in need of comfort and safety. Others arrive in an abysmal state and need life-saving medical care. And then there are those who come to us with very complex needs.

If there is ever a chance to save an animal and give them a brighter future, we will always try. And one such case is Amira. She has a truly unbelievable story. Every day, this girl amazes us with her courageous spirit and contagious happiness.

We must ensure we have the resources, medicine and food to take in and help street animals like Amira. We cannot leave dogs like her out there to fend for themselves.

For Amira and many more dogs who have no one else, will you please change their world and make a life-saving donation?