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Your gift will not only help the victims of the abandonment, but it will also help all the animals who depend on Soi Dog for their survival.

During the current global health crisis, abandonment cases have reached unbelievable numbers. Abandonment is a crime and an act of extreme cruelty. Abandoned animals have no one else to rely on but you. Your gift can make the difference between life and death for them. Will you please help?

Just like Josha, Jordis and Jubela, these 10 puppies were dumped on the same day, in different locations, by different owners. The first batch was left at a local temple while the second one was dumped on the side of the road during a heavy storm. They were just puppies and couldn’t have survived on their own. This is when your help becomes even more crucial. Only thanks to you can we keep sterilising and vaccinating thousands of stray animals and prevent cases like this from happening.

Will you please make a life-saving donation?