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Funds raised in excess of the needed $250,000USD will go directly towards helping other neglected animals where it is needed most.

This is a real time emergency. The current situation in Ukraine has impacted the lives of humans and animals in unprecedented ways. Over 40,000 animals have crossed the border with Poland alongside 2 million refugees. Many of these animals need medical care and only with your support can we help them. Please watch the video below and make your urgent donation now.


We have committed to providing an immediate grant of $250,000 USD to Poland’s oldest and largest animal welfare organisation, TOZ - Towarzystwo Opieki Nad Zwierzetami (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals), who run 11 shelters across Poland and are doing incredible work right on the border with Ukraine.

Your donation will go directly towards helping the animals of Ukraine. It will enable TOZ to provide immediate help for the many animals who arrive in desperate need of medical care and shelter, and it will also mean they are able to complete building an emergency clinic right on the border with Ukraine. Even though our work is very much focused in Asia, it is clear that the issues caused by this conflict are immense. If there's ever an animal in need, we will help them. 

Your support will also help TOZ complete an emergency clinic right on the border with Ukraine which is a desperately lacking gap in the relief efforts. Only with your support can this happen. Please, please make your urgent donation today.