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Soi Dog Foundation - Sign Petition

Please sign this letter calling on the Prime Minister of Mauritius to end the outdated, indiscriminate, ineffective and inhumane dog control policy known as 'Catch and Kill'.

Your signature today can help save thousands of dogs from suffering and a cruel death.

Mauritius presents itself to the world as a Paradise Island, yet hides a brutal secret.

Dogs are caught in nets, flung into a van with other terrified dogs and taken to the Pound.  Covert filming over the years has shown dogs crammed together, left for days to fight for scraps of food, and most shockingly attacking and eating their kennel mates.  Without anaesthetic, dogs are brutally killed by lethal injection into the heart – it is such a hit and miss affair, that some die immediately, whilst many others pitifully stagger about bewildered, fall over and try to get up again.  Such painful torment is unimaginable!!

Despite calls for tourist boycotts by some groups and offers of help to change the situation by others, the Mauritian Government shows no remorse or any willingness to change its inhumane ‘Catch & Kill’ policy. 

In spite of recent comments made by Minister Gobin which have been cautiously welcomed, due to our previous experiences with the Government, the Soi Dog Foundation will be continuing with the Petition until we see signs of actual changes for dogs in Mauritius.  Therefore, we continue to seek and very much need your support. We call on citizens from all nations of the world to sign this letter and make it clear to this uncaring Government ‘NO MORE – STOP THE ABUSE AND CRUELTY’!!

This letter has been launched by the Animal Lovers of Mauritius, with the support of Soi Dog Foundation.