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Sign the letter asking Formula 1 to help end the dog meat trade in Vietnam.

Your signature can help save thousands of dogs from torture and brutal death.

Hanoi is among the world’s cities due to host a Formula 1 Grand Prix race.

Hanoi is also the dog meat capital of Asia – where sickening and cruel things are done to dogs before they’re butchered for their meat.

This is a powerful opportunity.

Add your name to the letter asking Formula 1 to exert its influence with Hanoi’s leaders. Formula 1 brings money and prestige, and Formula 1 can help end the dog meat trade in Vietnam.  

Join hundreds of thousands of people around the world who have already signed.

Help get 1.5 million signatures on that letter. 

By signing now, you can help save dogs who are rounded up, skinned or boiled alive, and sold as meat.

A lot of these dogs are stolen pets.

End the brutal dog meat trade

Hanoi doesn’t want the world to see this cruelty. Your signature today can convince authorities to shut down the city’s horrific dog meat trade.