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Soi Dog Foundation - Sign Petition

Add your name to the letter asking Vietnam’s Government to ban dog and cat meat consumption.

Take action to save thousands of dogs and cats who’ll be rounded up, crammed into cages, then butchered for their meat if no one helps them.
The animals are not just killed for the dinner plate, they are tortured first.

They’re boiled or skinned - often while still alive - because it’s believed the pain makes their meat more tender.

Help stop this horror. Sign here.
Tell Vietnam you think it’s wrong to kill and eat dogs.

Your name on a letter to Vietnam’s Government can make a huge difference right now.

Because of coronavirus and global concern about animal meat sold at wet markets, Vietnam is actively reviewing its laws. The country doesn’t want any disease outbreaks that might put off investors and tourists.

The Soi Dog Foundation is gathering signatures from people all over the world, including Vietnamese families whose beloved pets have disappeared.   

Add your name now, and help get Vietnam's dogs and cats OFF THE MENU.

Lily is a stolen pet

Lily was a cherished family pet. Read about how she was snatched by dog meat traders, never to be seen again.