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Gender: Female
Age: 8 years and 10 months
Colour: Black

I was just two months old and on the brink of death when I arrived at the Soi Dog shelter. I was seriously ill with diarrhoea and had a total loss of appetite – they didn’t think I was going to make it.

Thanks to people like you, I was given the treatment I needed and surprised everyone by making a full recovery. But I’m still scared of humans, which sadly does not make me adoptable at the moment. I’m a very shy girl but I hope one day I’ll be brave enough to be adopted.

Until that day comes, I still need to know I’m loved. Will you please sponsor me?

When you join the Sponsor Club you will receive a sponsorship certificate and three updates throughout the year including a special video at the end of the year.

Sponsoring a dog or cat means that your donation will go towards Soi Dog's efforts helping the neglected and abused dogs and cats of Asia. Your gift of sponsorship is used to help your sponsored dog or cat and all the other animals Soi Dog cares for to provide shelter, food & medicine and veterinary care.