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Gender: Male
Age: 11 years and 3 months
Colour: White

My owner took me to the vet because she didn’t want me anymore. She wanted me to be put to sleep. I wasn’t sick, but she was leaving Thailand to return to her home country and didn’t want to take me with her.

The vet refused to put me to sleep but my owner simply abandoned me, leaving me to fend for myself out on the streets. Luckily, a staff member from the vet clinic found me and brought me to the Soi Dog shelter.

The whole experience has sadly made me very nervous. Being an older dog now, this may not change. I’m sorry but I’m scared of you humans.  The volunteers are patiently working with me, and I've made progress. But I'm not ready to be adopted. What if someone abandons me again?

You can do something very special for me by sponsoring my care.