Adopt A Cat From Thailand!

Can you give a cat a forever home? Every week Soi Dog sends animals to adopters around the world, including North America and Europe.

These cats urgently need loving homes and all will make excellent pets. Learn what's involved in adopting one of these cats by clicking here: Adoption Information.

About 5 months old

I'm so cute that you'll want to
take a bite out of me!

About 2 years old

I'm your tropical surprise - sweet
on the outside and on the inside.

About 9 months old

I am not a pussy cat - I think of
myself as a big black panther.

To learn more about me click here

3 months old

I think I would make a great companion
for you as I am cheeky and playful

To learn more about me click here


Learn what's involved in adopting one of these cats at Adoption Information.

Soi Dog has the perfect pet for you, whether you're looking for a kitten or a mature animal. We always have more than 200 rescued dogs and cats of all sizes who hope you will give them a good home. Thai cats and dogs make extremely loyal and loving pets, particularly ones who were saved from tough lives on the streets and seem to understand they've been given a second chance.

Can't adopt? You can still join Phi’s Cat Care Club and help us to help the many cats in need! Your donation will enable us to feed, sterilize, and give vital treatment to cats, thereby avoiding the unwanted birth of kittens who would end up living miserable lives on the streets.

Phi’s Cat Care Club exists because Soi Dog sterilizes, treats and feeds many cats every day. Most of them are street cats, but some of them remain at the shelter to be adopted! We need your help to be able to save more cats and to find them forever homes in Thailand or abroad.

                     The new Soi Dog cat hospital built with a grant from the "Marchig Trust"

Even if you can't adopt, you may be able to help by offering to be a Flight Volunteer!
Learn more here.

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