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Gender: Male
Age: 1 year and 5 months
Colour: Black and White
Colour: Black and White
Weight: 14 kg

Butterboy is ready to spread his love!

My personality: Excitable, friendly, sweet.

My story: I was abandoned in a sand bag by the side of the road when I was just three weeks old. Fortunately, a kind person found me and called Soi Dog for help. The vets there knew right away that there was something wrong with my vision. Further tests showed I had glaucoma and corneal ulcers which had caused me to lose my sight. Eventually, both of my eyes had to be removed, but please don't feel sorry for me. This limitation has not affected my spirit! 

My needs: I may be completely blind, but that doesn't stop me from being like any other dog. Toss me a ball and I'll show you! I'm a very lively and friendly boy who loves his walks and exploring. You will have to walk me with a short lead and help guide me as sometimes my excitement gets the better of me and I bump into things like walls and trees! I'm looking for that special someone who has the time and patience to support me while I get to grips with my new environment. Can you see it in your heart to provide me a forever home?