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Gender: Male
Age: 4 years and 1 month
Colour: Brown
Colour: Brown
Weight: 23 kg

Introducing the Vizslas

Hello! I’m Regency, a lively and playful boy looking for a home.

As you may have noticed, I’m not the kind of rescue dog you typically find at the Soi Dog shelter. Most dogs here are mixed-breed, but I’m a fully fledged Vizsla – a hunting breed originating from Hungary.

You can meet my fellow Vizslas, who are also ready for a home, here: Noralia | Shakespeare.

We were all rescued from poor living conditions in 2023. It was a tough time, but with lots of love and care, we’ve really bounced back, as you can tell from our photos and videos.

As hunting dogs, we Vizslas are renowned for being very active and energetic. Our athletic bodies need plenty of exercise, and our sharp minds thrive on regular human interaction. We’re also known for our loyalty and affection. Some people call us ‘Velcro dogs’ because of our tendency to stick by your side.

So if you’re an active person who’s looking for a part-time adventure buddy and full-time best friend, I might be the one for you! 

Out of my Vizsla friends, I’m one of the livelier ones. I get so excited when the volunteers come by my enclosure, and I will walk/swim/play with them for as long as they’ll let me! My carer says I’m also very smart.  

Please enquire if you think I could be a good fit for your family. We will have SO much fun together.