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Veterinarian treating a new patient in the dog hospital

Soi Dog Foundation’s shelter facilities include both dog and cat hospitals, as well as an isolation unit and a sterilisation suite. Soi Dog responds to numerous calls and emails daily. Emergencies such as road traffic accidents, poisonings, serious wounds and cruelty cases receive priority and are picked up as soon as possible.


We treat animals from 8am to 5pm Monday to Friday (emergency cases till 8pm on weekdays and till 5pm on weekends). After hours Soi Dog Foundation uses external veterinary clinics and once stable the animal is transported to our hospital for further treatment. Distemper, parvovirus infection, sarcoptic and demodectic mange, canine transmissible tumours (TVT) – all these diseases, rarely seen in the west, are prevalent in Thailand. Other common cases include infected wounds, fractures due to vehicular accidents, various skin diseases and tick-borne diseases.